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Juan Chen Chung

Juan is an Electronic Engineer who can be described as an engineer with a difference. He is different in the sense that, where fellow Engineers are sweating it out at finding solution to problem, he is cool and calm.

In such situations, Juan gets it done effortlessly and his findings are long lasting. This quality has endeared him to his employers at Samsung. To this end, he earned himself a place in the “Think Thank” team of the organization as the head.

Juan had his University education in Tokyo Metropolitan University, where he read Electronic Engineering and came out with Bachelor of Science degree with first class.

He also runs a training outfit, where he impacts knowledge to trainees at his spare time.

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    Today, with stock holdings that dwarf the wealth of any Texas oilman in history, Michael Dell is pushing his staff as hard toward a full-scale online existence as he can.


    He's convinced that the move is the key to sustaining growth and profitability in the company's future. And, to be sure, he won't be satisfied if and when half of all orders take place online.


    "Once you get to 50 percent, you don't have a party and say we're done," he observed after the October meeting to a gathering of cooing reporters.

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