The Top Best Laptops for College Students to Buy in 2017

Are you a college student searching for a good laptop priced under 500$ to 800$? Do not lose heart! There are 4 excellent laptops from superior brands that fit your budget.

4 Best Laptops for College Students under 500$ to 800$:

1. Lenovo G50 15.6 Inch Laptop: If you are looking for a reputed brand’s laptop that costs less than 800$, you need to look no further. This Lenovo laptop, priced at 699$, is going to fit your requirement perfectly. It has a 15.6-inch screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768 which offers a wonderful experience when combined with the Windows 8 operating system. The 2.4 GHz Intel Core i7, 8 GB of DDR3L RAM, and 1600 MHz memory speed ensures that the device is fast, smart, and efficient. The 1 TB Hard Disk with 5400 rpm helps students save huge volumes of data related to their studies. Lenovo is overrated laptop brand according to survey. It allows students to also save movies, music, and games that they can enjoy in between study sessions.


1 TB hard disk with 5400 RPM enables young college students to store movies, music, games, and pictures to their hearts’ content. The laptop provides excellent connectivity, courtesy a DVD drive, two USB 2.0 ports, and two lightning USB 3.0 ports. Almost 7 hours of battery backup makes this laptop ideal for busy college students who are always on the move.

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Lucky Patcher iOS Download for iPhone/iPad to Hack Games and Apps

When you have an Android mobile phone and have numerous applications on it, it’s not at all easy to control all of them at once. Then, to ease your headache on controlling all your mobile apps, there is another application, which is known as Lucky Patcher Apk Download. This is a kind of Android application that helps you in controlling your all other applications present in your mobile phone. The major priority of this application is its controllability over various unwanted activities occurs when you open an application. Download Lucky Patcher using this website: Such as excessive advertising, permission changes, creating backups for other applications, and many more.

Features of Lucky Patcher Apk Download

To know more about the particular application, we must recognize its features that stand as the high points. Thus, below are the features of Lucky Patcher that helps in controlling all other applications in your mobile phone:

lucky patcher iOS

The most pathetic thing when using an application and doing some important task like reading a document on a web browser, and a pop-up ad comes in on the screen. These situations might rage you in anger, and this Lucky Patcher is used to prevent these ads on any applications.

There is a condition in most of the applications that run in the background of an Android device which tends to prevent the device to run smoothly. But, with the use of this application which is among the few hundred that helps in froze applications to continue with smooth running mobile.

A unique sequence can be gained with the help of this app in the shape of the custom patch, without updating any needed application. Apart from that, these custom patches can be used to make some pro applications, which can be used in other forms.

Any application can be moved to the external memory with the help of this application.

Any application can be modified according to your use with the help of some clicks.

All the types of verification of any other app can be removed with this app.

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Download Mobdro for Android - Free latest Apk version on your Android Devices

Mobdro application is an on the web, live gushing application. It is marginally unique in relation to other spilling applications, and has picked up a considerable measure of prominence among its clients since its discharge. Mobdro application enables clients to live stream recordings, motion pictures, TV appears, documentaries, and so forth.

You can download Mobdro for PC on your android gadget, and appreciate live gushing recordings straight on your gadget. The distinction with this application is that clients can not pick a solitary scene or arrangement to watch. Rather, clients can sign on to a channel, which will continually live stream relentless scenes or recordings.

Clients can pick a station to watch motion pictures, sports, documentaries, TV shows or recordings straight to their gadgets. You can even browse conventional Tv channels where you can observe live scenes, donning occasions or live recordings of creatures, entertaining recordings, satire appears, and so forth.

Download Mobdro for Android

The most effective method to Download Mobdro App on your android gadget:

  1. Go to the Play Store of your android gadget
  2. Look for Mobdro App
  3. Tap on introduce and permit the Mobdro application to introduce on your android gadget
  4. You would now be able to appreciate watching recordings, motion pictures and Tv indicates straight on your android gadget

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The Story of Michael Dell

BellSouth yesterday began marketing the upcoming roll-out of its ADSL high-speed Internet access service that will become available in selected markets at the end of August. "[The service] promises to be big. It's very big to us. It's absolutely critical to our future success that we be the business and consumer choice for data services providers" says Donna Lachance, vp marketing for Services.

Eventually, the company hopes to roll out to 30 markets and make the service available to all 75 million of its customers, Lachance says. Beyond an information area on its web site and a name-capturing mechanism, marketing plans have not yet been solidified but will include traditional media campaigns as service availability gains momentum, she says.

The company is targeting two different customer types: advanced Internet users and what Lachance calls, "the wannabes." The second group means people who have wanted to go online but haven't because of the inconvenience and/or speed deficiencies of a dial-up connection. The ADSL service eliminates those barriers for customers, Lachance says.

Of course, BellSouth isn't the only company offering high-speed Internet services. The @Home Network and Time Warner Communications' The Road Runner Group both have a few years under their belt. And because they offer similar convenience and speed benefits, they are targeting the same types of customers. Almost a fifth of Road Runner subscribers, for example, had never had an online service before, says Bob Benya, svp of marketing at The Road Runner Group.

Of the cable industry's lead in broadband services, she says: "They've mostly created pent up demand for high-speed access and we're pretty confident that BellSouth has an established, strong reputation as a high quality Internet access provider." So far, so good. In a late afternoon interview, the name count for those who have signed up to get the service once available was in the hundreds and expected to reach the thousands by the end of the day, according to Lachance.


079 3118 8569

Lachance suggests her share of new online users will be higher since BellSouth's customers cover a wider group in terms of income and geography. "We are not a telephone company, we are a communications company," she says. Making the Internet a more organic part of the company remains one of Dell's top goals-even beyond achieving lofty online sales milestones.

For now, its short-term goal is to be in 7 markets by October.And, of course, BellSouth views the emerging services market as big because it is its future. The company has a corporate campaign running to position it as a progressive, technology service provider as it expands the type of company it wants to be.

Then there's the question of the future of the personal computer itself. One intriguing technology scenario holds that PCs will begin to fade as the favored device of both consumers and businesses, and that network-connected "information appliances" will begin to supercede all-in-one PCs that are notoriously unreliable and expensive to maintain.

Michael Dell laughs off that notion. PCs, he says, will continue to be the machines of choice. What if he's wrong? Network computing champion and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison comes to the rescue: Michael Dell has created the most efficient distribution model, Ellison says. If low-cost appliances are what people want, "he'll distribute those, too."

Dell Computers

Eckert says Dell Computer is moving to link all of its suppliers electronically in a seamless electronic system where, for example, quality feedback from Dell customers will be transmitted automatically to the supplier's computers.

As with its vast online support offerings, the aim of such a system isn't necessarily to directly influence online sales, but the better it works the more loyal Dell's customers will be. You can at least try to persuade a happy customer to order online, but you simply lose an unhappy one.

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    Today, with stock holdings that dwarf the wealth of any Texas oilman in history, Michael Dell is pushing his staff as hard toward a full-scale online existence as he can.


    He's convinced that the move is the key to sustaining growth and profitability in the company's future. And, to be sure, he won't be satisfied if and when half of all orders take place online.


    "Once you get to 50 percent, you don't have a party and say we're done," he observed after the October meeting to a gathering of cooing reporters.

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